Course Information

Assist. Prof. Dr. Murat SARAN

Office#: L220 Phone: 233 13 41 E-mail: saran[AT]

Course Description

This is an orientation course for computer engineering students. It will cover an overview of the computer engineering field, department’s academic program, rules and regulations; units, dimensions, error analysis, computer systems, data representation and number systems, compilers, browsers and Internet; ethical, legal and contemporary issues, technical visits and presentations.

Course Objectives

To introduce:

  1. Brief insight into computer engineering field and profession
  2. Department’s academic program and regulations
  3. Ethical, legal and contemporary issues in the field
  4. Units, dimensions, and error analysis
  5. Basic machine architecture, data representation, computer systems, Internet and programming languages

Weekly Schedule

  1. Introduction to the course content, review of university regulations
  2. Computer engineering profession with its ethical and legal expectations 
  3. The role and science of algorithms, algorithmic thinking, abstraction
  4. Units, dimensions, and roundoff errors 
  5. Error propagation, Random and Systematic errors
  6. Computer systems: Basic machine architecture, data representation, data storage, data manipulation 
  7. Seminar given by invited expert(s)
  8. Web and the Internet
  9. Seminar given by invited expert(s)
  10. Technical visit
  11. Privacy and security in the computer engineering field
  12. Contemporary issues in computer engineering field 
  13. Presentations by students
  14. Presentations by students


Midterm Exam 30%
Quizes 10%
Homeworks 10%
Presentation 10%
Final Exam 40%


Computer Science: An Overview, 2015 (12th edition), Glenn Brookshear, Prentice Hall ISBN: 978-0133760064 (Palme Kitapevi'nden temin edilebilir)